About Us


BAGS BEAUTY  provides B to B & B TO C total solution for bag &  cover transactions. Whether you are a bag importer, wholesaler, part of a retail chain, famous brand, designer, or trading firm, we can work with your blueprint or assist you in the designing process to quickly transform your ideas into a functioning prototype. We are eager to collaborate across various industries to develop innovative products.


Main products

Bags Beauty was founded in 2018. We are headquartered Gujarat India  factory is responsible for manufacturing and developing the prototypes. We have over4 years of bag manufacturing experience, and our main products include Sari cover, storage organizers, utilitybags luggage bags etc and more. Currently.


BAGS BEAUTY is very experienced

Over the past 4 years, the Bags Beauty team has gained a lot of experience. Part of our rich experience and expertise include:

  • Hundreds of unique bag samples for customers to consider, such as cosmetic bags, computer bags, business bags. Through manufacturing various types of bags, we continue to improve our technique.
  • We have accumulated a wealth of experience from producing different types of bags and are aware of the precautions necessary throughout different steps of the production process. We examine our raw materials and accessories closely, and we check every 3-5 steps during the production process. We follow the strict guidelines of the quality control standards(QC SOP) of operation to ensure our products are consistent and in excellent conditions.
  • We select from a large list of companies that are part of the supply chains to ensure high product quality and competitive pricing. The luggage industry in Guandong, China has established a diverse and reliable set of supply chains for the fabric, webbing, zipper/slider, metallic or plastic buckle, and printing. These companies can produce new designs with efficiency. Majority of these companies have a variety of accessory to select from to create a sample or a small trial order, saving new unit production time and expense.